Georgio began his career pursuing the study of medicine, before falling equally in love with visual storytelling and capturing attention. He never imagined a life outside of medicine, although he always had many extracurricular passions. He was an Emergency Medical Technician, Basic Life Support Instructor, evolutionary biology researcher, and an adjunct lecturer for the Biology Department at the City University of New York for over 5 years. But he also always loved music, dance, and live performance. Thats what led him to join Stageworks at Brooklyn Technical High School, where he learned stage lighting and multi-cam video mixing. He went on to become a DJ, MC, lighting technician, and video technician. His worlds of medicine and production combined when Georgio joined Dr. Maurice Selby as the cohost of “Health in Harlem” on WHCR 90.3FM, a medical radio talk show meant to inform and empower people to make the best health choices for themselves.

Georgio thought the show belonged on camera, so he maxed out his credit card at B&H Photo and Video in New York buying video gear to make the vision a reality. That show is now available anywhere that you can find podcasts and has had over a 100 recorded mutli-cam video livestreams. The leap that he took for Health In Harlem also served as the buy-in that he used to join the Boustany Film Company and begin his professional career in filmmaking and story telling. After hundreds of weddings, product shoots, editorials, short films, documentaries, music videos, sport highlights, and commercials, Georgio decided to dedicate the rest of his career to capturing and creating moments.

He was recruited from New York City to join the Lane 4 Team to capture and share the extraordinary nature of the dealerships that we cater to. Today he is leveraging over a decade in production and business development to build an even larger creative network to materialize the dreams of our partners. Georgio will ensure your customers know your dealership and team before they walk in and drive out.