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LANE4 Products & Services

Customized Solutions to Increase Profitability and Incremental Sales

F&I Solutions

Dealer Services

Business Development
Consulting & Training

F&I Solutions

Finance & Insurance has always been an important revenue generator for car dealers, but now more than ever it’s becoming a major driver of profit. We partner with the nation’s largest F&I service providers, so we can tailor products to fit your needs and customized solutions to increase profitability and incremental sales.

  • VSC
  • GAP
  • Tire & Wheel
  • Appearance Protection
  • Windshield
  • Dent
  • Term Protection
  • Lease Protection
  • Vehicle Security
  • Key Replacement

Dealer Services

Revenue Streams: Maximize earnings via profitable services
  • Reinsurance Solutions
  • Retro Programs
  • Advances
  • Dealer Trade Services
  • Point-of-Sale consumer insurance services
Buy/Sell Brokerage: Benefit from our vast network
  • Dealership Purchase or Selling Assistance including a network of Buyers and Sellers
  • Access to top financial advisory teams for future Dealer Purchases or expansion of current Operations
Marketing Solutions: Ramp up your marketing-game
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Special Events: tents, catering, other supplies

Business Development Consulting & Training

Your profit-margin increases when your team learns how to sell more than cars. In addition to helping dealers recruit and staff, we fully train your teams to gain momentum.

  • Sales
  • F&I
  • Service
  • BDC

Industry Experts

Lane4 Automotive Services was born out of Eddie’s passion for helping car dealerships realize new revenue streams and best options for their customers. He assembled a Leadership Team from a wide range of backgrounds to create a well-rounded, service oriented, One Stop Shop. Lane4 has a dealer-centric focus to create better mechanisms for profit, and a wide network of strategic partners to implement them. As an independent, we pick the best option in every area or “lane” to provide custom solutions, best practices, and further enhance successful businesses.

Our 4 Lanes:
  • Best Practices: Integrity
  • Best Solutions: Honesty
  • Best Partnerships: Commitment
  • Best Connections: Teamwork


We have the depth of bench in multiple disciplines to bring profitability to your dealership.

Leadership Team

Years of industry experience with the biggest automotive manufacturers gives us the strategic advantage to training your teams.

Eddie Allizadeh

Director of Operations

Eddie left his dream job at General Motors for one simple reason: an unfettered desire to offer the best business solutions to dealerships. As the #1 rep in the company, Eddie was an established agent with incomparable integrity to a massive network. As an independent agent, Eddie quickly found momentum in signing Findlay Chevrolet and Rotolo Chevrolet, to name a few. With over 20 years of experience in the automobile industry, he also has first-hand success in finance, management, and business development at high volume dealerships.

“Lane4” is a nod to Eddie’s love of sports. He approaches his business with competitive fierceness from a point of advantage in the fastest lane. His personal relationships with friends, family, and clients are considered his greatest equity and pride in life.

Orel Hershiser

Orel Hershiser is a man of great accomplishments on and off the field. World Series MVP, National and American League Championship Series MVP, Professional Poker Player, Bestselling Author, and Emmy Award-Winning Broadcaster, just to name a few. His nickname is “Bulldog” because of his tenacity and winning attitude while keeping his integrity.

It is a natural fit for Orel to join the Lane4 team as Business Brand Ambassador. It is an undeniable match to the four pillars of what Lane4 embodies as a business.

Micah Smith

Regional Vice President
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Jamie Eagerton

Executive Administrator
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Georgio Malouf

Creative Director
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Kim Fernandes

Content Strategist
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Andrea Allizadeh

Vice President of Marketing
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